Hlídání dětí

Price list



Regular in-home child care service CZK 170/hr.
One-off child care service CZK 180/hr.
Child escort services (school pick-up, to/from after school activities, etc.) CZK 170/hr.
Tutoring (studying for grammar school/high school lessons, lesson = 45 min.) CZK 250/hr.
Foreign language surcharge +20/hr.
Second child surcharge +20/hr.
Child care on weekends/holidays Per agreement

Prices valid as of September 2017.

The agency is not a VAT payer.

Prices include transportation to the location at which child care is provided.

Minimum service: 3 hours per visit.

Placement commission for specialized selection of a nanny for a household including advertisement costs, selection process costs and processing of results of psychological tests: CZK 10,000 + VAT with a 3-month guarantee!

There is a surcharge for transportation outside of the Prague Integrated Transport System.

We require a deposit of 50% of the monthly billed sum for new clients.

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