Hlídání dětí

Individual selection of nanny

A client can also submit a special request to have the agency select a nanny for a one-off fee. The client subsequently pays the nanny’s wages.

This service is used mainly by clients who need a full-time nanny with no substitutions.

​​The agency and client can also conclude a special contract in which the client specifies precise requirements for the nanny and by which the agency conducts a special selection process examining the psychological, pedagogical and professional experience of the candidates. The agency then recommends suitable candidates which meet the criteria of the first round of selection. Then following interviews the client selects a candidate and the agency incorporates both parties’ comments into a contract which stipulates the rights and responsibilities of the nanny and the client.

Since our founding twenty years ago, we have placed capable nannies with more than 100 families. Take advantage of our long-standing experience and let us advise you.

We will select an excellent nanny for your child!

If you are interested in individual choice nanny into your home, please contact us here.

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